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“I discovered my passion in construction in my early years and have been dedicated to this field since 2002”


Growing up in a rural area in Lebanon, it was not common for a girl to go for engineering as a major. However, my family believed in me and my dreams and gave me their full support.

Though it was challenging for me being away from my family to study and only seeing them once every couple month, it was actually the beginning of a flourishing career path which turned out to be my purpose.

I was dedicated and fully focused on my studies. Getting a scholarship at the American University of Beirut to enroll in the engineering management program opened for me the possibility to work in the private contracting company in the most luxurious areas in Lebanon (Beirut Central District) where I had the chance to work with famous consultants like Erga, Dar el Handasah, Dada, Gatzerillia, chakib Richani, and others.


This is more than just “work” for me, it is creative expression and proof to myself and other women that we can establish something or value in the world and we have capabilities beyond what we believe we have.


I always thought to myself “I want to leave an impact on the construction industry” because to me when you decide on a path, go all in, and do it in a great way by always adding value.

After years of experience, working with every detail from scratch, I decided to leverage and make use of my expertise and consult individuals looking to build and renovate their homes or office spaces.

I know how difficult and time consuming that process is and why not get help when you can.


“Trust is just one of the things we build well”

Rana Salika

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